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Podcast 103: BYU's NIT hopes; Ziggy shaken, not stirred

Matt and Adam explore BYU's chances in the NIT, Ziggy's rising draft stock, football scheduling, and James Bond movies.


It's a slow BYU sports news week, but does that stop Matt and Adam from delivering an awesome podcast? Of course not! In the 103rd episode they explore BYU's chances at a deep NIT run, and they don't like what they find. Ziggy's skyrocketing on draft boards, and the boys gush over his supernal physical abilities. There is also talk of scheduling announcements, BYU's high tempo offense, some pretty lame personal stories, and advice on how to coach little league baseball. They also explore their favorite James Bond movies, including a stunning revelation by Matt.

Listen to the podcast below, download as often as you can on iTunes, and tell us how awesome we are via Twitter @byu_riseshout.

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