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Podcast 105: Spring football and an NIT run

Adam and Matt discuss what coaches Mendenhall and Rose would need to do to get fired and expectations of the spring game. @PostJimmer then comes on to preach the sweet gospel of Carlino.


Spring is in the air, and despite snow covering most of our listening public, we bring the warmth via podcast. First up it's Adam and Matt responding to a long listener question about what exactly it would take to get them revved up enough to promote firing a coach. Not much for Matt, as BYU welcomes back the OC who he wanted fired. Second, they chat about the spring football game and what they hope to learn from it. They finish off with a discussion of BYU's NIT run and whether a victory over Southern Miss redeems the lackluster season. Oh, and Adam serenades listeners with Huey Lewis and the News.

A special guest joins the podcast, an unveiling of the man behind the @PostJimmer Twitter account. Steve Pierce comes on to preach the Matt Carlino gospel and to defend Brock Zylstra. As is always the case, Adam grills him and makes him uncomfortable and turns it into awkward podcastery. Or he mainly agrees with him. One or the other.

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