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Podcast 102: Jason Franchuk on WCC tourney and spring football

Jason Franchuk of The Daily Herald comes on the podcast to talk about BYU's chances in the WCC Tournament and the top story lines of spring football. Matt and Adam then preview the WCC Tourney and draft the three movies they most want to see in 2013.

Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sport

It's a big week in BYU sports, and this podcast has it all covered. Jason Franchuk makes his second ever appearance on the podcast to discuss BYU's chances in the upcoming WCC Tournament. Can Matt Carlino deliver? Is there more pressure on BYU than Gonzaga or St. Mary's? Jason answers. He also dives into some of the major topics surrounding spring football and enlightens us about the new offensive coaching staff.

Matt and Adam then preview the entire WCC Tournament, making bold (and baseless) predictions. How far do they think BYU will go? Listen and find out. They also conduct a draft of three movies they must see in 2013. Spoiler alert: Adam's movie selections are very geeky.

Listen to the podcast below, download as often as you can on iTunes, and tell us how awesome we are via Twitter @byu_riseshout.

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