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Podcast 106: The (NIT) Final Four and Spring Football

The latest podcast features an MLB preview, an NIT preview, and a review what we learned and didn't learn in the spring football game. Go Cougars!

Cooper Neill

Adam and Matt kick-off the podcast with a 15-minute MLB preview, including predicting all playoff teams, the World Series, the MVPs, and the Cy Young award winners. Don't like baseball? What's wrong with you?

It's then onto the NIT. What has gotten into the Cougars? A little Matt Carlino fever, that's what. The boys break down exactly what BYU needs to do to get past the Baylor Bears. Hint: It includes a heavy dose of one Mr. Brandon Davies.

And lastly, they talk about the spring football game and what we learned and didn't learn about the Cougars. And does it matter if Robert Anae gets along with the media?

Listen to all of this banter using the media player here, go download us and leave a highly favorable review on iTunes, and follow us on Twitter @byu_riseshout.

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