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Podcast 108: NFL Draft Preview, Ziggy Style

We love the NFL Draft, and we preview it with a very heavy dose of Ziggy Ansah. We also mix in Manti T'eo, Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, and Cougars who could be drafted.


Adam and Matt love the NFL Draft, and this year they get to spend most of their draft preview talking about Ezekiel Ansah and where they think he will land. Is he a one-year-wonder who's going to flame out, or an impact player who's going to make multiple Pro Bowl teams? They discuss, trying to not just look through their blue-colored glasses. They also talk about the NFL prospects of Braden Brown, Braden Hansen, Uona Keveinga and Brandon Ogletree.

Besides the Cougars, they also tackle Manti T'eo and where and when he might get drafted, and whether he's fallen too far on the mock drafts. They put on their GM hats and say whether either of them would draft Geno Smith or Matt Barkley as a QB of the future.

The last few minutes are used discussing whether the Portsmouth Invitational performance of Brandon Davies did anything for his NBA draft stock.

It's all pro drafts on the podcast available through the media player below and on iTunes.

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