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Podcast 110: Greg Wrubell on the 2013-14 basketball roster

Greg Wrubell is back on the podcast to talk the 2013-14 Cougar basketball team and Bronco on Twitter. Matt and Adam talk 2013 football expectations and the best Marvel comic book movies.


The podcast is back, with a long, long extended edition. We first welcome back Greg Wrubell to talk about the recruitment of non-LDS basketball players Frank Bartley and Chase Fisher. We ask Greg about what to expect from all the Cougar newcomers, and if the team will have enough depth on the frontline. We also discuss Bronco on Twitter, and if it's reasonable for BYU football fans to have high expectations for 2013.

Matt and Adam then get together to cover the following: Bill Connelly's except BYU football preview here on SB Nation; Riley Nelson's recent interview on KFAN; and they do a snake draft of their favorite Marvel comic book movies. And somehow, inexplicably, Matt outgeeks Adam.

Listen on the media player below or download us on iTunes.

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