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Podcast 109: Ziggy to the Lions, Bronco to Twitter

Sean Yuille of comes on to discuss Ziggy, and Adam and Matt talk Ziggy, KVN's pro prospects, Bronco on Twitter, and Iron Man 3.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Ziggy Ansah was drafted at No. 5 to the Detroit Lions in the 2013 NFL Draft (something you probably knew). So we bring on Sean Yuille, the managing editor of SB Nation's Lions site Sean tells us his reaction to drafting Ansah that high, how fans have reacted, and what he makes of 3D glasses as a fashion accessory.

Matt then joins Adam to talk about Ziggy and the draft and to speculate where Kyle Van Noy may be drafted in 2014. They also discuss Bronco Mendenhall's emergence as a Twitter superstar, and why he might be the middle-aged, white Steve Urkel. The boys also give kudos to the BYU rugby and men's volleyball teams, discuss the awesomeness of Iron Man 3, and conduct their own draft of the best BYU players in the NFL.

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