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Podcast 113: Gurney on 2014 recruiting and back-up QBs

Brandon Gurney returns to the podcast to talk 2014 recruiting and help us dissect the back-up QBs. Adam and Matt discuss Tyler Haws and Brandon Davies, and begin previewing the 2013 football season.

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Despite much adversity, the podcast prevails to bring you an excellent interview with Brandon Gurney of The Deseret News. Brandon tells us who the players to watch are among BYU's 2014 football recruits, and points out some potential surprises. He also breaks down the back-up QBs and talks about why we're finding more about BYU scheduling from Utah's AD than our own.

After that, Adam and Matt discuss what Tyler Haws may gain playing for Team USA and what chances Brandon Davies has of making the Los Angeles Clippers, and they begin previewing the 2013 season, starting with the QBs and the offensive line.

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