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Podcast 114: RB/WR/TE preview and EA Sports NCAA Football 14

Adam and Matt preview the RBs, WRs, and TEs, and also talk about the potential of footballers Jamaal Williams and Ross Apo, and hoopster Tyler Haws. Also on the show: an interview with the producer of EA Sports' NCAA Football 14.

It's the second straight week of podcast goodness, and the boys continue their season preview by talking about the WRs, RBs and TEs. Will anyone emerge behind Cody Hoffman as an above-average threat? What will roles look like for Adam Hine and Michael Alisa behind Jamaal Williams? And can the TEs avoid their disappearing act of the past few seasons? They also give some early thoughts on the Texas game. And before discussing football, they talk about MLB's home run contest and the awesome potential of Tyler Haws.

Next up is Ben Haumiller, producer of the game NCAA Football 14 by EA Sports. He tells us what sets this new version apart, and Adam goes all fanboy about his all-time favorite video game franchise.

Download all of this on iTunes or listen below.

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