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Zach Bloxham's blog on all things BYU Football

How BYU gets back to the Top 25

The Cougars have picked up a few votes in the Coaches Poll. We take a look at the other contenders for that top 25 spot, and what BYU needs to do to get there:

Making the Grade: Cougars Air Out the Aggies

Taysom Hill's career night sparks life into the Cougar passing attack as BYU cruises to a 31-14 win.

Mitch Mathews rises to the occasion

BYU sophomore wide receiver, Mitch Mathews, tore up the Utah State secondary on Friday to earn him our player of the game honors.

GAME THREAD, also a bunch of numbers

BYU-USU game thread, and a breakdown of ratings for each team by some computer ranking systems.

Return of SB Nation Scoreboard & Week 6 TV lineup

We're excited to announce that SB Nation Scoreboard is back! Also, don't want to miss a game? Find out who's playing on what channel here.

BYU has a common thread to Utah St. Yep, the Utes

Here's a breakdown of who has the advantage going into Friday's game based on how BYU and Utah St. both did against a common opponent, the Utah Utes.

USU's Chuckie Keeton has failed versus BYU

Utah State quarterback, Chuckie Keeton has consistently put up star-like numbers for the Aggies, but when it comes to facing the Cougars he has come up short.

Taysom Hill: the tale of two halves

Taysom Hill is as good of a rusher as it gets in college football. But as a QB, especially at BYU, that might not be good enough. Read here...

This isn't really winning, it's just "not-losing"

BYU's win over Middle Tennessee State was not really a close game. It wasn't so much winning as it was "not-losing" with style. And man did attendance at LES remind me of the BYU style.

BYU-USU: a real rivalry in the making?

With the Utah State on the upswing, and on the schedule for the foreseeable future, can the two fan bases create a rivalry that will benefit everyone?

Making the Grade: Cougars Beat Blue Raiders

After giving BYU fans a bit of an anxiety attack during the first quarter, the Cougars grinded out the win with decent play on both sides of the ball.

What We're Watching

BYU played last night, meaning we have an entire Saturday to ourselves....Obviously we're going to be watching college football. We're geared up for what we think are going to be 2 of the most exciting games of the day. Find out what they are.

BYU vs. M. Tennessee Game 2013 Thread

It's game time again! Hop into our Thread to talk about the game in progress!

Check in on all of BYU's future opponents

Keeping our eyes ahead we look forward to Middle Tennessee and beyond to see how BYU's other opponents fared last weekend,

BYU fans have every reason to be optimistic

BYU is a penny or a nickel away from being elite. Here are some things BYU fans need to realize with their team, which might just give them a glimmer of hope looking forward.

Rivalry Checkup: Cougars fall to Utes 13-20

For the fourth consecutive year, BYU was unable to knock off Utah.

Making the Grade: BYU vs UTAH

How did BYU rate this week?

BYU vs Utah Final: 13 - 20

Final Holy War meeting for 2 years decided.

BYU vs Utah: Game Thread

This thread is for you the fans. Let's talk football.

Breakout Player Prediction: Ross Apo

BYU needs the receivers to step up, but which one will be the key for tonight? You may be surprised to see this prediction.

What do you need to know for BYU-Utah?

With the 94th (or 88th) meeting between BYU and Utah facing off on Saturday night, one last game will be played before a short hiatus will be taken until 2016. Very few players on the current team have experienced a win against the Utes so the goal

Notes and quotes: rivalry week is here

Utah, coming off a heartbreaking OT loss to the Beavers, look to rebound to BYU, who's rested up coming off a confidence boosting blowout against Texas. It's rivalry week, let's get this show on the road.

BYU vs Utah: Women's Volleyball Wins 3 - 2

It is Rivalry Week for more than just the football team this week as our Women's Volleyball team took on the Utes at home last night and took home the win with 3 wins of 5 sets.

Computer rankings of cougar opponents

Check out how the computers think BYU fares in their upcoming matches, and get a recap of how BYU's opponents did over the weekend.

AP Top 25: Week 4

Going into week 4, things aren't looking particularly good for us in the AP and Coach's polls.

The Mission Effect: Strength or Weakness?

Long has there been a debate over whether serving a mission hurts the players coming back. Today we join that debate and promise to leave you with an opinion, sprinkled with numbers, quotes, and conclusions.

Taysom Hill is the man for the job

BYU quarterback Taysom Hill still has his fair share of critics, but he is exactly the player the Cougars need under center to be successful this season.

BYU vs Utah during Bronco vs Whit Era

A look back at the games throughout the Bronco - Whittingham (former Cougar himself) era (2005 - present) leading up to the showdown on Sept. 21st.

Instant D-gratification, with GIFs

BYU learned to run this past weekend, but the cougars have always known how to play defense. Check out some of the more memorable moments of the first two games here!

Making the grade: BYU vs. Texas

Making the grade is a post game analysis that will be giving grades to the performance of the offense, defense, and special teams. This week's analysis? Texas and their performance will help/hurt us against Utah.

Some take-aways from BYU's win over Texas

Plenty of reasons for optimism, still some causes for concern though, followed by a round-up of some of the best favorite social media commentary on the game.

Digesting the win against Texas

There's a lot to take in after the blowout in Provo on Saturday. BYU fans have every reason to have smiles and high hopes. Here's a look at some facts and stats as to what made this performance so impressive.