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CougarCast: Fall Camp Impressions, Worries, and Conspiracy Theories

In this podcast, the hosts discuss the oncoming BYU Football season with worry over suspensions, injuries, and kicking.

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In the debut of CougarCast on, Tosh and Keith recorded their conversation last Friday (so much for our hoping there were no injuries) and it covers:

  • Power 5 autonomy and food trucks (1:50)
  • Open practice impressions, mostly defense talk (5:20)
  • Why Jamaal's suspension matters (21:33)
  • Tosh puts on his tin foil hat as he asks, "Why is Christian Stewart getting so many reps with the 1's?" (36:05)
  • What to expect with new Defensive Coordinator Nick Howell and why he's is in a strange spot (44:45)

About The Show

2002 Daily Herald Utah County Name of the Year Award Winner Tosh Mackintosh and Keith Shirts are two friends who bond over BYU Sports.  Obsessed, passionate, and opinionated, they chop it up over BYU Hoops and Football.

Here are a few reviews of the show.


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