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CougarCast: Week 1 BYU at UConn

Tosh and Keith give their predictions and insight on what to expect against the UConn Huskies.

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The season begins soon with UCONN and Tosh and Keith are fired up!

  • The UCONN Huskies tumultuous 2013 campaign (1:40)
  • UCONN QB Casey Cochran (3:35)
  • UCONN Head Coach Bob Diaco (4:55)
  • UCONN's dangerous WRs Geremy Davis and Deshon Foxx (9:11)
  • UCONN's terrible rushing attack (11:15)
  • Prediction of UCONN's offensive approach and BYU's defensive philosophy (11:45)
  • Prediction of BYU's offensive approach and UCONN's defensive philosophy (14:12)
  • What can we see in the first game that will be telling for the rest of the season? (16:23)
  • BYU's road troubles, in particular in their 1st road game of the season (21:00)
  • Tosh's fan hope for why BYU won't start slow this year (24:53)
  • UCONN isn't good playing from behind (25:41)
  • BYU going 3 and out is awful, especially in Go Fast, Go Hard.  3rd down troubles for BYU. (26:45)
  • Turnovers (28:55)
  • Ten for Tosh! (31:52)
  • Reason to hate UCONN (38:58)
  • Bronco's fireside talk title (42:40)
  • Tosh's score and game predictions (44:44)
  • Keith's score and game predictions (45:27)
  • Fans tend to undervalue opponents (48:03)
  • Looking though season tickets (48:57)
  • Retiring the BYU flag (49:52)

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About The Show

2002 Daily Herald Utah County Name of the Year Award Winner Tosh Mackintosh and Keith Shirts are two friends who bond over BYU Sports.  Obsessed, passionate, and opinionated, they chop it up over BYU Hoops and Football.

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