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CougarCast: BYU vs UNLV preview and more

Tosh and Keith discuss BYU's matchup with UNLV this weekend. They talk about the Rebels one strength (passing), a forgetful Bronco Mendenhall, and read some listener email. They also do a Ten for Tosh, give a reason to hate UNLV, a peak into Bronco's Fireside Talk, and give game and score predictions. Plus, they quickly discuss final impressions of the BYU basketball team as they ready for their season opener against Long Beach State.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Cougars coming off that brutal matchup against the Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders, enjoyed a bye week to regroup, recover, and now are refreshed before their monumental matchup against the University of Nevada-Las Vegas Rebels.

Tosh and Keith discuss in this episode:

  • Middle Tennessee State reactions (5:00)
  • How has UNLV's season gone so far? (5:55)
  • UNLV's one strength: passing the football. UNLV WRs Devonte Boyd and Devante Davis (7:38)
  • Former BYU walk-on and current UNLV QB Blake Decker and how Bronco Mendenhall forgot that Blake Decker used to be in his program. (8:25)
  • Keith's biggest worry for BYU for the rest of this year is surrendering early leads. (11:25)
  • UNLV national rankings (12:35)
  • What adjustments will BYU's defense make to adjust to their matchup with the Rebels? (14:10)
  • Is Colby Pearson their big play receiving threat? (16:00)
  • Robert Anae's gameplan is going to be the same, because, it always is. Plus, the bizarre way BYU's screen plays are being designed. (18:35)
  • Listener email to (23:00)
    • Shouldn't more patience be afforded to BYU Defensive Coordinator Nick Howell?
    • If BYU beats Cal, that would make the Cougars 3-0 against the P-5 this year, wouldn't that be considered a "good season?"(25:55)
    • Utah's Kaelin Clay's blunder against Oregon is the happiest moment of college football I've had since Taysom hurdled a Longhorn. (28:10)
    • What expectations should BYU fans have for Taysom Hill next year? (31:35)
  • Ten for Tosh! (37:50)
  • Reason to hate UNLV (47:00)
  • Bronco's nerdy fireside talk title (50:05)
  • Keith's game/score predictions (51:51)
  • Tosh's game/score predictions (52:50)
  • Final pre-season thoughts on BYU Basketball (54:35)
    • Excitement and worries surrounding Chase Fischer (55:10)
    • Excitement about Corbin Kaufusi and a potential nickname for the kid who looks like Groucho Marx without a mustache. (56:20)

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2002 Daily Herald Utah County Name of the Year Award Winner Tosh Mackintosh and Keith Shirts are two friends who bond over BYU Sports.  Obsessed, passionate, and opinionated, they chop it up over BYU Hoops and Football.

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