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Cougars on Cougars: Determining BYU football's starting QB with baking and test-taking

Jess and Mary get a Big 12 expansion update from VTF's own Jake Welch and break down Tanner v. Taysom in an unconventional way.

Taysom Hill might be a better baker than Tanner Mangum.
Taysom Hill might be a better baker than Tanner Mangum.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In episode 17, we ask Vanquish the Foe's Jake Welch about his satirical Dead Season Series in which he entertains BYU fans in the off-season with his sarcasm and quick wit, covering important issues like what BYU will do with Provo High School and which is worse—Donald Trump or Big 12 rumors?

Jake turns the tables and gives us a very serious and logical Taysom v. Tanner quiz with our answers predicting which campus hero will be the starting QB this fall. Who would make the better batch of cookies? Who would you rather take an O-Chem test for you? Who would you rather double date with—Taysom Hill and his wife Emily Hill or Tanner Mangum and his fiancée Alexa Gray? We present our deep thoughts on these and a couple more consequential queries.

And, as always, we round up this week's news from the BYU social mediasphere, including Mother's Day tributes, Tanner Mangum on the cover of Athlon Sports' Pac-12 issue (huh?), a recap of the Bay Area Fan Fest, and much more.

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