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Join VTF's College Pick'em Group

Vanquish the Foe is organizing a College Football Pick'em group this year. Come join us.

Welcome back to Vanquish The Foe!

After an extended leave from Vanquish The Foe, we welcome back three staff members!

Vanquish the Foe is looking for writers

We're looking for a few good men or women to help us take Vanquish The Foe to the next level. If you're interested, check this out.

Game day can be about more than just the game.

Game day is about more than just the teams on the field, sometimes it is the little aspects of the day that create the memories.

Recipe for victory: pineapple salsa

This sweet and spicy salsa will be the perfect complement your season opening party!

Tailgate Party at Virginia! You're invited.

Our friends at Streaking the Lawn have invited us to join their tailgate party! Find out when, where, and how to RSVP here.

An invitation to play Fantasy Football

Pstt... hey, wanna play some Fantasy Football with VTF? Vanquish the Foe is inviting its fans to play. Winners get bragging rights and a special place of honor on our site. Find out where to sign up here. See you on the digital grid iron.

Please welcome your new VTF staff

We're pleased to announce our new Editor, and a slew of new, talented writers, which will bring you the best in BYU sports coverage this year.

A farewell letter: Update on VTF management

A quick note on some big changes at Vanquish the Foe, and a big thank you to all the readers who have helped us along the way.

@PostJimmer joins VTF as lead hoops writer

VTF welcomes Steve Pierce to its staff.

Shop the unique Vanquish The Foe t-shirt store

Vanquish The Foe T-Shirt Store - Get custom BYU t-shirts here!

Welcome To SB Nation United

Welcome to SB Nation United

VTF unveils new logo for SB Nation United

We got a new logo, y'all! Come check out the first peek at the future of Vanquish The Foe and SB Nation.

A New Era at Vanquish The Foe

Vanquish The Foe, SB Nation's BYU blog, is under new management. Come meet the new crew.