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The Roar #1: Hill underwhelms, Haws' health, Big week, etc.

As I make my "Roar" debut, I'd like to congratulate all the Seniors for the quality entertainment they've given us fans at Lavell Edwards Stadium and the material they've given the media for all of us to cherish. It's been our pleasure. Thank you!

Mike McGinnis

Welcome to the first post of the Roar!

The Roar is a weekly column about topic points. There's a lot of talk about BYU players, opponents, and news going on between games every week. The Roar is where Cougar fans come to hash these topics out. We present the topics and our views on the issue. You come back at us in the comments with flags waiving and horns blaring on either end of the issue. As you can see, we are embarking on just week 1 of many to come, so be sure to look for the roar every Tuesday at 1:00 pm.

1. Bounce back:

BYU looked impressive offensively putting up 59 points against Idaho State. Coming off the disappointing loss against Wisconsin, this is just the confidence boost BYU needs heading into South Bend to take on the Irish.


2. Taysom woes:

Taysom Hill had an underwhelming performance going 11/19, 153 yards, 2 TDs, and 3 INTs at home against Idaho State Now, his completion percentage wasn't too bad, but 3 INTs against such a lowly opponent? He finished the game with a 58.5 QBR. Not good. I expected more out of Taysom Hill on Saturday. It's hard to nit-pick when you win 59-13, but that type of performance by Hill will get BYU blown out on national television against Notre Dame this coming Saturday. Unacceptable.


3. Two-headed monster:

Jamaal Williams and Adam Hine had spectacular performances against the Bengals. Williams had 13 carries for 131 yards and 3 TDs while Hine had 10 carries for 141 yards and a TD. Not to mention Adam Hine being the dangerous kick returner he always is. It was nice to see cameo appearances rushing by Taysom Hill and Algeron Brown as well. Saying the future is bright for BYU's rushing game is an understatement.


4. Tyler Haws:

The latest word on his health is he has an abdominal strain which kept him out the last two games. BYU blew those two teams out, but they were patsies. BYU's only hope for a win against #21 Iowa State(3-0) who just beat #7 Michigan is a healthy Haws. If not, BYU could be in for a disappointing home loss in front of a crowd of 20K that is projected to be at the Marriott Center Wednesday night. #pray4tyler


5. Big Week:

It's not every week the BYU football and basketball teams play exciting games against quality opponents in the same week. BYU vs. Iowa State on Wednesday in men's basketball and BYU vs. Notre Dame on Saturday in football. When you're a BYU fan and you're living right on and off the field, magic happens.


Your turn:

Which game are you more excited to see, BYU vs. Iowa State? Or BYU vs. Notre Dame? and Why? Use the comments section below. Feel free to chime in on any of the topics above, we value each and every one of your opinions and viewpoints, keep it civil, and enjoy.