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WCC Basketball Power Rankings

Cougars rising in week 11 power rankings

BYU grabs a hold of the number two spot in the power rankings and steals a number one vote from Gonzaga for the first time in weeks.

Gonzaga still number one in WCC power rankings

The Zags held onto their top spot in the WCC hoops power rankings despite being upset by Portland this past week. Meanwhile, BYU found its way back into the top three with three straight wins.

San Francisco on the rise in week 9

San Francisco climbed five spots, BYU holds at number five, and there's a new team at the bottom all in this week's power rankings.

LMU, Pepperdine climb in week 8 power rankings

LMU and Pepperdine both skyrocket up the rankings four spots after an unexpected starts to conference play this past week.

WCC hoops power rankings: Week 7

BYU remains at number three, Portland moves up the rankings and the top of the conference struggles this week.

BYU losing ground on WCC power rankings leaders

Another week is past in the WCC and the Pacific Tigers have earned themselves a spot in the top 3, tied for third with BYU.

Gaels overtake Cougars in Week 5 of power rankings

We have shakeup in the top three as Saint Mary's climbs into the second spot and BYU falls to third in our rankings for the first time this season.

Week 4 power rankings stay largely unchanged

We're starting to see quite a bit of consistency in our rankings as the top three and bottom two teams remain unchanged from a week ago.

BYU gaining on Zags in week 3 power rankings

For the first week this season a team other than Gonzaga has first place votes as BYU starts to threaten the Zags for the top spot in our WCC Hoops Power Rankings.

Zags still dominating power rankings in Week 2

There was a lot of shuffling in our power rankings this week with San Diego and Pepperdine both jumping up three spots. The top of the rankings remained unchanged with Gonzaga still having a firm grip on the top spot.